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Clayton Risner Featuring Flannel Mouth and Bass Dinner!


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217 Main St 47708 Evansville United States
Flannel Mouth, an old western term for “one having a way with words,” keeps its definition intact as this four-piece theatrical rock act releases its debut LP, “The Prisoner’s Cinema.” Vocalist/lyricist, Luke Myers, tells the tragic, gruesome story of a young man learning the difference between love and crimes of passion. The frenzied and guttural story is matched by its soundtrack — manic-albeit-fluid — punctuated by the eccentric bass lines of Ryan Batalon, heavy swing beats of Tyler Owen, and the atmospheric leads of Zachary Hartman on guitar, trumpet, organ, fiddle, and more. If Tarantino wrote a script to be scored by The Dear Hunter, performed by Cursive, engineered by Foxy Shazam, and produced by Brand New, Flannel Mouth would be the end result. And one would certainly not want to miss that feature presentation.

Clayton Risner has broken into the world of music as a true revitalizing force. Clayton's unmatched, soulful sound is complimented by his raspy yet pleasantly smooth voice and an incredibly enthusiastic approach to piano playing.

Clayton has already proven himself to be an accomplished musician by building his own loyal fan base worldwide, numbering tens of thousands of devoted fans, all of whom were enamored by Clayton's heartfelt music by just a demo that he solely and skillfully crafted in the basement of his home.

Bass Dinner: https://soundcloud.com/krees3797 (Go to this link to hear our music, we will be putting up more songs as soon as possible.)

We sold our souls for Pizza Rolls..... We play that Rock N' Roll music with quite a variety of influences, and genres involved.