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Sirens and Imperium Tour


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Sirens is a five piece progressive metal outfit from Terre Haute, Indiana. The collective, currently consisting of guitarists Logan Pollaro and Cody Butler, bassist Luke Boismier, vocalist/co-producer Joey Fenoglio, and percussionist/co-producer Zachary Huff, strive to shatter boundaries between modern metal and electronic music with their upcoming release, Surge LP. Focusing on exploring aesthetics ranging from jagged syncopation to glowing electronics and brooding environments to massive walls of distortion, Sirens delivers crushing aggression and reflective calm. Surge—powered by experimentation, musical sensitivity, and lyrical narrative—defines the ensemble's unique identity which promises to offer something for listeners of all backgrounds and tastes.

'Spore' EP is available worldwide!

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Imperium is new to the Milwaukee scene but are heavy hitters. After a massive crowd response at the Milwaukee Battle of the Bands and beating Milwaukee metal scene veterans such as Once Around and Audiophilia it became apparent that they brought something new and fresh to the table. Playing Reggies Rock Club out of Chicago and receiving the same wild reaction they knew they had great potential. During the months after the show they went straight to writing their first album. They plan to release the record on May 1st. The album will be available to purchase online and in person at the Greenfield location of The Exclusive Company, other points of purchase will be added soon.