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Marbin Featuring Shawn Needham and Ben Ricketts


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217 Main St 47708 Evansville United States
Shawn Needham music page: Shawn Needham is a jazz/Rock guitarist and recording artist residing in Newburgh, Indiana. Shawn has 2 records out as a leader on rhombus records (www.rhombus-records.com) and is currently working on his third. Check out samples Shawn's music on
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Marbin is a progressive jazz-rock band based in Chicago, IL, with a unique story that stands out in today's music world. With a do-it-yourself approach, Marbin started touring in 2011 and has played over a thousand shows since, bringing their original instrumental music everywhere in the States that they could book a show. After well over a thousand shows and more than 20,000 albums sold, Marbin has gained thousands of devoted fans all over the worldwide. Marbin has released five albums with Moonjune Records: Marbin (2009), Breaking the Cycle (2011), Last Chapter of Dreaming (2013), The Third Set (2014), and Aggressive Hippies (2015).

Ben Ricketts was born. Ben makes music. Ben will die one day.

"A psychedelic dance party that the whole family can enjoy." - Dylan Van Zile (Captain Magma, Suicide Doors, fuzzytree)

"A soundscape of homemade noises and synthetic sounds powered by gut wrenching lyrics and unworldly harmonies, seeming completely out of place in the humid flatlands of Mississippi yet they somehow compliment one another. It's the millennial's 'Pet Sounds.'" - Cody Rogers (The Holy Ghost Electric Show, Suicide Doors)

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