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Reach For The Sky // A Promise To Burn // Through Her Eyes


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217 Main St 47708 Evansville United States
Through Her Eyes is a band influenced together by many different aspects of music ranging from the world of heavy hitting breakdowns to the soft "pop" feel type of chorus. When it comes to THE, we have no limits...

A Promise To Burn: Originating from St. Louis MO, A Promise To Burn makes an ever-lasting impression on those who witness their live shows.
Being one of the typical Metalcore bands in the scene right now, A Promise To Burn stands out at shows. They bring an energy that feeds their fans, making shows an experience you'll never forget.

The four piece Metalcore band has been compared to bands such as; Asking Alexandria, A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon and For All Those Sleeping, but promises to be one of the best acts to leave an impression that will help them make their way to the top.

Reach For The Sky is a four piece Metalcore band from South Florida. The group was founded in August 2012 by former Edge of Eternity vocalist Rajan Maharajh along with guitarist Dylan Kenney. They later completed the line-up with guitarist Daniel Feder (formerly of Rise Above The Ruins) along with Cory Camiel (formerly of Divide By Zero) and drummer Chuck Banner (formerly of The Withered Bones). The band played their first show in December 2012, and has since gone on to play shows such as the Sumerian Records Headbang for The Highway along with playing with many nationals on such labels as CI Records, Solid Sate Records, Standby Records and more. As of February 2013 Reach For The Sky and Daniel Feder parted ways, due to personal reasons on Daniels side, he was later replaced by Colin MacLachlan. Later, Cory decided that he wanted to play guitar, and the band agreed and Reach For The Sky became a three-guitarist band. Shortly after that decision, Cory brought in Thomas Owczarek to play bass. With a full lineup again and stronger than ever Reach For The Sky is set to take the scene by storm! The debut EP Trial and Error is out now!

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