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Phenom aka P-Lotus Featuring Venom // Nero Angelo // RC The MC


Sortie Arts and Music
217 Main St 47708 Evansville United States
Doors Open at 8. Show at 9. $5 Entry

RC the MC: http://soundcloud.com/rcthemc

NeRo AnGeLo:
"Hello, you may call me Nero Angelo, Nero for short, I started writing rhymes at around 13 and started seriously freestyling at 15, as of now I can say that I have, and will continue to improve my skill. If you want to view the bulk of my music, you should check out my bandcamp music page at http://neroangelo.bandcamp.com/ and my hotnewhiphop page at http://www.audiomack.com/artist/nero-angelo Save for a few, all of the beats that I use are self-produced with styles ranging from jazzy, chill rhythms, spacey sounds, and even samples on occasion."

Venom: "I lost somebody a few years ago. I had no way to connect or feel like I was making them proud then I found my talent and I've been perfecting it for 4 years now. And I'm still perfecting it. I enjoy this, this is the only thing I can ever see myself doing. I know I'm not the best yet, and that's fine. But I'm gonna make my presence known in this rap game, on the metal scene, and just everywhere in music and the whole entertainment industry general. I was born and raised for ExCellence. So that's my lifes mission. You can tag along or get left behind. Just try me out is all I ask."


Phenom aka P-Lotus is the innovator of a music genre called “Productive Hip-Hop”. This is a style of music that appears to be the same as traditional rap, but it’s different. “Productive Hip-Hop” is about expressing your creativity and passion in everything you do and coming up with productive ways to solve problems in the world. A Productive Hip-Hop artist is a conscious person who actively becomes the change that he or she wants to see in the world. The purpose of Phenom’s music is to enlighten and inspire its audiences. Phenom is a unique artist in his ability to share his values and real life experiences, communicate an uplifting message and maintain his street edginess.

“Negativity is a reality, but it's up to us as artists to find ways to express it without glorifying it". -Phenom

Phenom's chief musical influence is Gangsta Rap from the 90's. Some artists include Master P, Tupac Shakur, Nas, DMX and Jay-Z. "Productive Hip-Hop is what Gangsta Rap has evolved into."-Phenom. Along with musical influences, Phenom's artistic expression is also motivated by his desire to use his God given abilities to positively impact the world.