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David Martinez Featuring Jimmy Willden


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Jimmy Willden Band: Jimmy Willden, award-winning writer, filmmaker and songwriter, returned in 2015 after a six-year hiatus with his brand new CD, 'Melodies of the Aftermath'

The journey through that long hiatus included personal struggles and set backs that directly influenced and inspired Willden. In return, the songs that came from that period of upheaval are some of his most accomplished, and most intimate.

Willden's latest single, 'Stuck In Love', tells the perspective of a back-and-forth relationship, and of the ups-and-downs that come from that. In fact, the song truly represents the theme of the entire CD, which focuses on the downward spiral and ultimate personal redemption of losing yourself in the face of love.

They say art imitates life; life imitates art. There must be truth to that, because 'Melodies of the Aftermath' represents the ultimate redemption for Jimmy Willden, whose long, independently-crafted music career has seen him lose himself in the face of love, contemplate quitting, finding the inspiration to continue, and to finally pen some of the best songs he's ever written, according to his fans.

Of course, that journey started somewhere. For Willden, it began with the release of his debut album "Beginnings" at fourteen. Since then, he has released four solo albums, two EPs, toured the western half of U.S. with fellow songwriters David Martinez and Hope Cassity, the Eastern half of the U.S. in 2015, and attracted the attention of MTV, with one of his songs making it onto the soundtrack of the popular dating show, 'Next'.


The David Martinez Band: David Martinez, singer/songwriter, who is currently the #1 Alternative artist in Corpus Christi, Texas, recently released his NEW EP, 'One More Time', which was produced by the acclaimed Leroy Miller of CA.


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